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Ask Our Staff - Meryl Corbin

Senior Designer, Co-owner

We had the chance to sit down with Meryl this month and ask her about her involvement in the Denver International Airport - Concourse B West Expansion project!

1. What was your most favorite part of the DEN Concourse Expansion project? What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of ensuring that the design came together.

2. What was the biggest challenge on the project?

Understanding the scale and impact of each design decision to all team members, and ensuring the infrastructure would support the design.

3. Did COVID impact the project? If so, how did you overcome the challenge?

Our team was performing Construction Administration services for CCB - Concourse B Expansion when COVID restrictions were imposed. The construction crew at Turner Flatiron Joint Venture did an amazing job ensuring the site was safe and secure as we continued to make weekly site visits to review construction progress. In the beginning of the pandemic there were some teams that had to quarantine, but this had minimal impact on the schedule because protocols were in place to ensure progress was not negatively affected.

4. What was your favorite product on the job?

The large format porcelain panels from StonePeak are an elevated, and lasting wall finish used throughout the sub-core and restrooms. The high-tech thin porcelain panels from the Plane series are only 1/4" thick but have the same durable properties of thicker tiles. Each panel has a unique pattern and finish to emulate a subtle stone pattern.

5. What strength did you bring to the team?

We were "boots on the ground" for the interior designer team, the rest of whom are in the Kansas City HNTB office. Weekly site visits ensured the design intent was achieved and the contractor was able to stay on schedule.