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Meet Our Staff - Allison Courtney

Allison Courtney joined our team a year ago after she graduated from Kansas State University with a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design. Allison’s favorite thing about living in Denver is the wide variety of things there are to do. With over 300 days of sunshine, you can find her enjoying the outdoors when she isn’t designing. Allison loves to hike, hammock and camp with her husband and their dog. She also loves traveling and is always planning her next trip somewhere. I bet you didn’t know that Allison is an adrenaline junkie! Some of her favorite memories include paragliding in the Swiss Alps and climbing down 150 feet to a waterfall.

Allison is passionate about interior design. She values that her work has a positive influence on those who interact with spaces. Every day, she makes thoughtful, client-focused design choices that transform bare spaces into welcoming healthcare environments people can heal in. She believes that although the occupants of these spaces may not be thinking about it, the choices in color, material, and lighting are all affecting their emotions and supporting their wellbeing.

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Her time spent in the wonderful outdoors, inspires Allison daily. She finds she is motivated in the most unexpected of ways. Being able to work with likeminded designers at Gallun Snow has been a gratifying and educating experience for her. She loves how unique our industry is, in that you can take an idea that exists in your mind, translate it to paper, and watch it transform in real life.

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