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Meet Our Staff - Renee Choksey

Renee Choksey is a new designer and joined our team in January. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design from Colorado State University. Renee’s crush on airplanes led her to a career path in aviation design.

Aviation/Transportation design is the best design sector in Renee’s eyes. She didn’t even know that this is a sector of design until her senior year in college when she wanted to design an airport for her senior capstone project. After reaching out to professionals, it came to her attention that she could do this every day if she wanted to. She touched down at Gallun Snow and now gets to work on airport projects all week long! Her favorite part about aviation design is that she can see how the team’s design decisions help better serve those who travel through the concourses.


When she isn’t at work, she can be found traveling to different states in her effort to visit as many tourist hotspots as she can. She gets her inspiration from places she has never been before. She recently took two big trips and was inspired by the design choices that were made in every type of building from airports to restaurants to museums! Seeing how those spaces are designed with the user experience in mind helps her come up with new ideas to do just that.

Renee is working towards obtaining a pilot’s license and looks forward to where that will take her. An interesting tidbit about Renee is that she LOVES to operate large equipment! She currently holds a forklift license and a scissor lift license. At one point, she even thought about getting a CDL-just for fun!

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