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Product Spotlight: Fire Pit

It’s not very often as interior designers we have the opportunity to design outdoor spaces. As you can imagine when presented with the challenge of designing an outdoor seating area with a fire pit in a 24-hour use airport, that we were excited. The new B-West, A-West, and C-East Gate Expansion Projects at the Denver International Airport are all designed with outdoor seating areas allowing passengers to mingle outside in the sun, moonlight, rain and snow. We outfitted the areas with soft lounge seating, a bar, and fire pits, the space feels intimate surrounded by beautiful Colorado scenery and impressively large airplanes.

So how does one design a fire pit in an area that poses the challenges of extreme weather, 24-hour use, airport security and public safety? With a lot of teamwork! The Denver International Airport Homecrest Outdoor Fire pit is a custom concrete piece that was carefully coordinated with almost ALL project team disciplines. From coordination with electrical for radiant heating and emergency shut off to the carefully designed wind guard, this small piece provides a big impact. It’s also the one of the first public outdoor fire pits installed in a US airport!

DEN Fire Pit.png