Product Spotlight - Gallun Snow On-Call Services

Working closely with facility management teams is one of our specialties. On-call or as-needed projects can include, but are not limited to, move coordination, budget comparisons, finish standards, furniture reupholstering and casework design. Our design team will work within quick schedules to maintain limited downtime during any finish, furniture, or art renovations. No project is too small to keep our clients up to date with the latest design and safety trends. Take a look at some project examples!

Project: Natividad Outpatient Cardiopulmonary Services, Cardiology Clinic, and Women’s Diagnostic Imaging

Scope: Finishes, Furniture and Artwork

NMC Outpatient 2020.07.17_Collage.jpg

This project was a clinic renovation with a small budget. The clinic included two separate departments that shared common spaces. The clinics needed to be cohesive, yet different at the same time. Gallun Snow worked to meet California building codes in a short timeline. We also assisted with move coordination of furniture and equipment.

Project: Children’s Hospital Colorado Flooring Refresh

Scope: Floor Pattern and Documentation

Children's 2020.07.17_Collage.jpg

Children’s Hospital was getting ready to do a flooring refresh of the corridor’s outside of the OR’s, 4th Floor, 5th Floor, and 6th Floor inpatient units at the Gary Pavilion. They asked for Gallun Snow’s help creating and documenting the detailed floor patterns. Outside of the ORs they wanted an underwater theme that children would think is fun. The upper floors were designed like a river flowing through land with each floor’s wayfinding symbol in a cut out within the flooring itself. The bright colored flooring helped these units feel fresh and inviting.

Project: UCHealth ACP Children’s Waiting Room

Scope: Finishes, Furniture and Art

UCH ACP 2020.107.17_Collage.jpg

For this project, UCHealth desired a more modern and upbeat space for children and families to wait for their appointments. Together, the design team and client worked through an underwater and ocean theme. The space needed to be separated into different zones: a play zone and a virtual reality zone. Our designers selected bright upholstery, a fun wall graphic and rubber flooring that provided cushioning for playing on the floor. This project has not yet been completed.

Project: UCHealth “Mini-Clinics”

Scope: Finishes, Furniture and Artwork

UCH Mini Clinics 2020.07.17_Collage.jpg

Gallun Snow was asked to help create a standard palette for numerous small clinics that UCHealth has opened recently. The clinics had a very fast timeline and design decisions had to be made quickly. Each clinic varied in the amount of refresh work that needed to be done and the standard FF&E palette helped to quickly get these projects finished.