Product Spotlight: Trim Tex Flat Tear Away Bead

Have you ever seen a product and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that”? The Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away Bead might make you have those exact thoughts. As designers we envision clean lines and the perfect marriage of two materials coming together, which in reality, is not always easy to achieve. Think gypsum wallboard and distressed wood beams, or gypsum wallboard covered in decorative wall covering against a textured stone wall.

Combined Tear Away 1 & 2.jpg

The Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away Bead is a flexible plastic trim that is placed along the edges of the rougher material and nailed tightly to the gypsum wall board. The installer then used the bead as an end point to mud the dry wall.

Once sanding and painting is complete, the extra trim is torn away to reveal a clean transition between the two materials. The Flat Tear Away Bead is easy to install, inexpensive, and creates an end result that looks effortless - resulting in happy clients and designers!

Tex Step 1.jpg
Tex Step 2.jpg
Tex Step 3.jpg