Caroline - Wall 2.png

Caroline Jones

Designer, Co-Owner

Education: Florida State University, Bachelor of Science, Interior Architecture & Design

Caroline Jones joined our team in May of 2016. She began as an intern with us, but proved to be such an asset, we had to bring her on as a full team member. Having several friends and family members in the healthcare industry as firefighters, paramedics, and nurses lends to her passion for healthcare design. She knows that what we do here has an impact on how patients feel in a space when they are at their worst, and how staff feel while working long grueling hours. It’s amazing to see how finishes, furniture, and art can transform a healthcare environment into a space that is beautiful and healing.

Caroline has been trying to get into gardening, but her green thumb is still evolving. She and her husband live just outside of Denver, while she enjoys the life and energy all around Denver, at the end of the day, she enjoys getting out of the city and relaxing away from the chaos and traffic.